My Child's Special Needs Advocacy Consultants

What is MCSNAC

My Child's Special Needs Advocacy Consultants (MCSNAC) was founded by Teri Roe, a special needs parent, whose passion is supporting families to advocate for their children and adults with special needs. While her son was in Maryland’s Montgomery County Public School (MCPS)system, Teri succeeded in obtaining a multitude of special needs support services for her son. Now that Corey is an adult and well-situated in both a residential and day program, this provides her the opportunity to support other families.

How MCSNAC Came about ...

In 2016, Corey’s high school special education teacher, now an elementary school special education teacher, asked Teri to talk with parents of one of her students, who, although both were professional educators, had challenges obtaining services for their son. with disabilities. A week or so later Teri met with the parents, who are smart, well-educated, and caring people. In the meeting, it was discussed how, as their son’s primary advocates, they have a seat at the table and a voice in the process regarding their son’s educational goals. Teri explained to the parents that they are critical to the development and execution of the federally-mandated Individual Education Plan (IEP) document and its process. Although they knew their rights, they were bashful about speaking up, and were especially intimidated by the annual IEP meetings.

Teri encouraged them to communicate regularly with the teachers and specialists, affirmed they have an equal vote, and stressed that no one knows their son better than they do. As members of their son’s IEP team not only did they have a seat at the table, but agreement and their signatures are mandatory on the required IEP forms.

It was after this experience that got Teri thinking about helping other families advocate for their children with disabilities.

Teri's Why ...

Teri’s adult son, Corey, has Cerebral Palsy, is anaphylactic to latex, has psychotic episodes, and has been in a wheelchair since age 2. Throughout his years in the school system, Corey received physical, occupational, speech and vision therapies, as well as information technology services because they were relentlessly advocated, championed, and lobbied for.

For more than 20 years Corey has consistently been a Maryland Special Olympics bowler, often competing at the locate and state levels.

Corey is a talented artist producing works of art he sells through his Facebook business, “Pottery by Corey”.

Why Now?

Before starting MCSNAC, Teri's was an Information Technology Client Services Executive to the Federal Government for small and large companies. Although this profession served her well and helped provide for her 2 sons, she was at a crossroads since this path was no longer fulfilling.

So, in September 2016 she left the rat race to follow her heart to start MCSNAC. At MCSNAC our goal is to empower parents to advocate for their children with disabilities.

This is her passion, her calling, what energizes her, and what she is meant to do. It is her turn to give back to the community by sharing and supporting those who are just beginning this journey, or at a crossroads.

Teri is taking a leap of faith in embarking on this exciting yet scary new phase in her life. Though the objective is to assist families, the truth is; the work will save her, and she acknowledges this.


At MCSNAC, we partner to support families in advocating and supporting their children’s educational needs and adult services. We know, because we have been there, and that it is a constant struggle requiring countless time, dedication, and input from families.

MCSNAC supports families in ensuring their voice is sought, heard, acknowledged, and included regularly. MCSNAC supports parents by empowering them to ensure their child’s educational needs and goals are achieved.

This is our passion, our calling, what energizes us, what transforms us, and what we are meant to do. It is our turn to give back to the community by sharing and supporting those who are just beginning on this journey or struggling somewhere along the way.